Legoland Malaysia Rides: Top 10 Funfilled Rides You Must Try

Legoland Malaysia Rides Top 10 Funfilled Rides You Must Try

Legoland Malaysia Rides: Top 10 Funfilled Rides You Must Try

Let’s plan your fun-filled holiday with exciting Legoland Malaysia rides! Legoland in Johor Bahru is one of Malaysia’s top theme parks and proudly stands as the first Legoland theme park in Asia. Legoland Malaysia has a lot of rides and attractions. Besides, it has eight main areas on land and also includes a water park to keep everyone cool in the hot weather.

Legoland Malaysia rides

Image Credit: Legoland Malaysia Google

Besides, SEA LIFE Malaysia is quite popular with parents. You can get up close to explore the unique marine ecosystems. In addition, children can play with LEGO and enjoy exciting underwater performances. This rich day trip will surely make your visit memorable!

They offer various types of tickets like 1-day Legoland water park, 1-day sea life aquarium, 1-day triple park, and so on. Plus, you can check out the ticket prices and ticket types you desire on their official website. So, if you visit Legoland often, buying Legoland Annual Passes is a more cost-effective option.

Legoland Malaysia waterpark

Image Credit: LEGOLAND Waterpark Malaysia

Furthermore, you can schedule a two-day, one-night stay at the Legoland Malaysia Resort. So that, you will have enough time to explore the theme park’s play areas such as Lego Kingdoms! In this article, SGMYTAXI Company has listed the 10 Best Rides In Legoland Malaysia. So, let’s check out Legoland Malaysia theme park and make sure to bookmark this information!


1. Boating School

Boating School Legoland Malaysia rides

Image Credit: Boating School Google

Experience a journey on the Legoland Malaysia rides at Legoland! Boating School theme parks offer the chance for riders to play the role of the captain and pilot their boat. Besides, this is the place that fulfils every child’s dream. That’s why it is extremely popular among families!

Boating School Boat

Image Credit: Boating School Google

Plus, each boat comes with both a gas pedal and a steering wheel which gives the person in charge of the boat a sense of complete control. Furthermore, the boats have lively Lego themes, with bright primary colors and Lego-stamped circles. Besides, they make you feel as if you’re in a scene from Lego City!

Boating School Boat Legoland Malaysia rides

Image Credit: Not a Ballerina – Google

On the boat ride journey, you will take a scenic tour through waterways with LEGO bricks. Plus, you will meet animal bricks along the way! The captain needs to control the boat to avoid obstacles. In addition, they have put some obstacles in the way and making this game more challenging.


2. Dino Island

Dino Island Legoland Malaysia rides

Image Credit: Legoland Dino Island Google

Realise a dream for both adults and children! Dino Island at LEGOLAND is an exciting land of adventure that appeals to both adults and children. Besides, you can ride in a cart up a volcano to meet LEGO dinosaurs and experience a thrilling splashdown.

Dino Island Legoland Malaysia

Image Credit: Legoland Dino Island Google

This is a popular ride Legoland Malaysia where you drop from the top and you need to watch out for LEGO dinosaurs that pop up surprisingly. Besides, you will undoubtedly get wet after riding this attraction! Why do I say that because you will come crashing down into the water!

Dino Island splashdown

Image Credit: Trip Carte Google

If you don’t want to get wet, it’s a good idea to bring your raincoat. Plus, there is a shop nearby where you can buy a raincoat or dry your clothes in the nearby paid human dryer. Besides, you may try it towards the end of your visit to the park. If you enjoy the excitement, you must try Legoland Park rides!


3. Lost Kingdom Adventure

Lost Kingdom Adventure exterior

Image Credit: Lost Kingdom Adventure Google

Experiencing the thrill of becoming adventure heroes! Lost Kingdom Adventure offers an ancient Egypt theme and features Pharaohs, ancient structures, camels, and more. Plus, the game’s scenes aim to create a mysterious atmosphere for ancient Egypt.

Lost Kingdom Adventure laser Legoland Malaysia rides

Image Credit: Legoland Malaysia Official Website

At the Lost Kingdom Adventure Legoland Malaysia ride, you will hop onto ancient chariots and it can afford up to 4 people to ride together. Besides, you need to use laser guns to defeat enemies and find treasure! Each player gets their laser gun and their mission is to aim and shoot at green or red dots to score higher.

Lost Kingdom Adventure Egypt Legoland Malaysia rides

Image Credit: Lost Kingdom Adventure Google

Even if you’re afraid of roller coasters and thrills, you can still easily enjoy this ride. Plus, riders must be at least 120cm tall to ride chariots. Besides, if a rider is between 80cm and 120cm tall, an adult must accompany them.


4. The Great LEGO® Race

The Great LEGO Race exterior

Image Credit: The Great Lego Race – VR Coaster Google

Calling adrenaline junkies, this is a must-try attraction that you shouldn’t miss! The Great LEGO Race is a type of roller coaster with virtual reality (VR) technology. Besides, you’ll experience exciting drops and twists along the way that will get your heart racing.

The Great LEGO Race interior

Image Credit: The Great Lego Race – VR Coaster Google

Besides, they use cool VR headsets and a special coaster system. In addition, the staff will ask you want to wear 3D glasses before you get on the ride. When you put on the glasses, it feels like you’re driving!

The Great LEGO Race rides Legoland Malaysia

Image Credit: SmartParents

Worth mentioning that riders can’t predict when it will go up or down and might get surprised suddenly. Besides, for some brave kids looking for excitement, this roller coaster will be their favourite! Plus, this LEGO Race ride is suitable for visitors of all ages.


5. Technic® Twister

Technic Twister exterior

Image Credit: Technic Twister Google

Get ready to experience thrilling for the LEGO® Technic Twister at LEGOLAND Malaysia! This ride has a spinning cup where you sit and offer twists and turns at a fast pace. In addition, kids are at least 110 cm tall to ride it. Besides, if shorter than 110 cm, they must have an adult accompany them while playing spinning cups.

Technic Twister

Image Credit: Technic Twister Google

Furthermore, this is an exciting ride that spins you at a fast speed. Plus, you’ll hop on a spinning structure and sit facing other riders in a circle. Besides, Technic Twister with lots of twists and turns that you can’t miss this thrilling ride!

Technic Twister Legoland Malaysia rides

Image Credit: Technic Twister Google

Moreover, this ride features with kids in mind, so it’s bright and colourful, perfect for their first roller coaster experience. Plus, it adds more excitement to your trip to the park, making it a day full of fun and memories for the whole family!


6. DUPLO® Express

DUPLO Playtown

Image Credit:

After visiting the observation tower, let’s explore the Cho Cho trains here! DUPLO Express offers a family-friendly train ride at LEGOLAND. Besides, it features a DUPLO-themed train ride for kids to enjoy, especially those aged 5 and below.

DUPLO Playtown Express train

Image Credit: Legoland Malaysia Official Website

Moreover, it takes you on a colourful adventure through a world of LEGO bricks! When you get on the Duplo Express train, you’ll go through colorful landscapes and villages. Plus, you may even meet some playful characters on the way!

DUPLO Express Legoland Malaysia rides

Image Credit: Pinterest

In addition, this ride is great for kids who are at least 90 cm tall. Whether you’re passing by a friendly dragon or waving at playful animals. This attraction is perfect for families with children looking for a fun and age-appropriate experience at the park!


7. MINILAND Amazing Malaysia

Miniland Legoland Malaysia rides and attractions

Image Credit: Legoland Malaysia Official Website Google

What to do in Legoland Malaysia? Let’s discover the World in Miniature! At Miniland, you’ll find miniature versions of famous landmarks from 17 different cities and countries. Plus, these include Malaysia’s Johor Bahru, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Cambodia, India, the Philippines, and Vietnam.

Miniland Singapore

Image Credit: Malaysian Meanders

Furthermore, they make these models full of vibrant colours. Besides, a team of over 100 people worked hard to build these beautiful mini-models. Even if you’ve never been to these countries in real life, you can still take photos of these famous landmarks here.

Miniland Kuala Lumpur

Image Credit: Dan On The Road –

What’s even more exciting is that some of them have buttons that you can press. Besides, you can watch LEGO trains, aeroplanes, and large ships move around. Plus, you’ll see boats gliding on the water or, along with other fun surprises.


8. Aquazone Wave Racers

Aquazone Wave Racers

Image Credit: Miss Tan Chiak Google

Aquazone Wave Racers is Legoland Malaysia’s best ride! This wave racer is a mini water motorcycle ride and you will stand on the motorcycle to control where you go. In addition, the racing speed is so fast that it creates waves, and people riding it feel the cool and splashes hitting them.

Aquazone Wave Racers Legoland Malaysia

Image Credit: Malaysia Travel Blog Google

Plus, people watching from outside the fence can also use water cannons to create more splashes which add extra fun to the game. Furthermore, there’s water sprays down in certain places along the ride’s edge.

Aquazone Wave Racers Legoland Malaysia button

Image Credit: A Momma Abroad

Worth mentioning, there is a button outside the fence which means if someone is passing by and presses the button. Besides, the random water pillars shoot up from below, and you might get wet. So, it is hard to stay dry even if you stay outside the rides.


9. LEGO Ninjago: The Ride

LEGO Ninjago The Ride exterior

Image Credit: LEGO Ninjago: The Ride Google

Would you like to experience various scenes from Naruto? This is one of the must-try Legoland Malaysia rides offers a design of the ninjas that makes you feel like stepping into another world. Besides, its exterior features a traditional Japanese temple design. Plus, you will find surprises here such as hidden doors, traps, displays of ninja weapons, and 3D projection screens.

LEGO Ninjago The Ride Legoland Malaysia rides

Image Credit: LEGO Ninjago: The Ride Google

As a novice ninja, you must learn how to throw shurikens! Besides, the LEGO Ninjago ride uses 4D technology to make the game more realistic. While sitting on the ride, you can feel the wind, rain, and fire scenarios, and you don’t even need to hold a gun. Besides, you just use hand gestures to throw out shurikens, which gives every child a chance to become a little ninja!

LEGO Ninjago The Ride lego

Image Credit: LEGO Ninjago: The Ride Google

Besides, this ride lets you explore the Ninjago world at Legoland Malaysia! This Ninja Ride has a popular theme by LEGO Group. Plus, it’s one of the best Legoland rides for 5-year-old children. Plus, you may try this ride with your family for a truly memorable experience.


10. Dragon’s Apprentice

Legoland Malaysia rides_ Dragon Apprentice

Image Credit: LEGOLAND Malaysia Google

Dragon’s Apprentice is one of the Legoland Malaysia rides friendly to families, especially for kids! The ride features a small and gentle roller coaster track. Located in the Legoland Kingdom area. In addition, this ride is greatly suitable for kids who are looking for adventurous rides.

Dragon Apprentice Legoland Malaysia ride

Image Credit: Roller Coaster Database

In addition, Dragon’s Apprentice also offers a captivating storyline. It is just like riders in the fantasy world of dragons and knights. Besides, this ride features various twists, turns, and dips. In addition, you can also enjoy a visually stunning experience for the whole Kingdom Castle looks!

Additional Information:
Address: 7, Persiaran Medini Utara 3, 79100 Iskandar Puteri, Johor
Opening Hours: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm (Closed on Wednesdays)
Contact Number: +60 7-597 8888
Website: Legoland Malaysia

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