Bugis Singapore: What Things To Do In Bugis Singapore

Bugis Singapore What Things To Do In Bugis Singapore

Bugis Singapore: What Things To Do In Bugis Singapore

Tourists always have no worries about “what to do in Bugis Singapore”! This cultural heart of Singapore eventually offers too many ideas to shop, eat, and explore! Furthermore, Bugis is still a colorful neighborhood with a fun-filled and artistic vibe, it hasn’t become a total CBD site yet!

what to do in Bugis Singapore

Image Credit: Living + Nomads

Besides, pack your tight schedule with culture-rich things to do in Bugis Singapore! Be it heritage lane, mural arts, or religious spot, all are undoubtedly worth discovering. In addition, an awesome cafe-hopping place with cool vibes and cool people sounds good for a coffee break in between!

Therefore, look no further, follow SGMYTAXI Company instead. For your convenience, here comes Bugis Singapore: What Things To Do In Bugis Singapore!


1. Discover Shopping Delights @ Bugis Street

what to do in Bugis Singapore street

Image Credit: Bugis Street

If tourists are shopaholics, they would love to discover shopping delights at Bugis Street Singapore. Being second to none, this is one of the biggest and must-visit shopping spots on the island. So, stop wondering what to do in Bugis Street Singapore, visit this bustling and vibrant market instead!

Bugis Street food

Image Credit: Bugis Street

Besides, Bugis Street Market is surely a shopping paradise, stuffing over 800 stores! Wow, better fuel up your energy before squeezing through sardine-packed-like crowds! In addition, bargain hunters couldn’t like it any better. With everything cool to offer, from corner to corner!

Bugis Street vibe

Image Credit: Bugis Street

Furthermore, this is your place to be for those who are looking for adorable fashion pieces and special souvenirs. Certainly, patrons are about to discover something new and trendy on every visit! Besides, old-time snacks like waffles and Curry Puffs are always recommendable! Hence, mark Bugis Street your go-to place in Singapore!

Additional Information:
Address: 3 New Bugis St, Singapore 188867.
Operation Hours: 10:00 am to 10:00 pm (Open Daily)


2. Experience Temple Serene @ Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple

Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple what to do in Bugis Singapore

Image Credit: Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple

Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple is truly one of the must-visit places in Bugis Singapore! In addition, it’s a long-standing historical building, dating back to the pre-World War 2 period, that’s too cool! Besides, this Chinese temple houses the Goddess of Mercy, Kwan Im.

Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple SG

Image Credit: Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple

With that, patrons are here to pray for blessings, peace, or guidance for the future. Furthermore, even though some do not pray, they love to experience the temple serenely, too! Additionally, there is a donation box inside, no forcing, people just donate following their heart.

Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple vibe

Image Credit: Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple

Besides, spot that special practice in Kwan Im temple: a fortune or future read! Undoubtedly, many Chinese believe in this future telling all year round! Moreover, there are a few stalls outside selling vegan food and religious items, feel free to check them out, also!

Additional Information:
Address: 178 Waterloo St, Singapore 187964.
Operation Hours: 07:00 am to 06:30 pm (Open Daily)
Website: Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple Info Portal


3. Dive into the Knowledge Hub @ National Library / Lee Kong Chian Reference Library

National Library Lee Kong Chian Reference Library what to do in Bugis Singapore

Image Credit: National Library / Lee Kong Chian Reference Library

When choosing places to visit in Singapore, the National Library ranks at the top of the list! Besides, this is where book lovers dive into the knowledge hub, with 16 floors of books and data!

National Library Lee Kong Chian Reference Library vibe

Image Credit: National Library / Lee Kong Chian Reference Library

Moreover, the reading environment is unbeatable! Whether patrons are here for revision or family time, the Lee Kong Chian Reference Library is perfect! In addition, a huge data collection turns it into a must-visit place for scholars to conduct their research, too!

National Library Lee Kong Chian Reference Library books

Image Credit: National Library / Lee Kong Chian Reference Library

Furthermore, the National Library is not all about books only! Even better, there is a rooftop garden for the best Singapore skyline landscapes. In addition, think about chilling there with cool wind blowing, that couldn’t be much better! Moreover, don’t hesitate to get a quick snack and coffee filling, the cafe is right on the third floor!

Additional Information:
Address: 100 Victoria St, Singapore 188064.
Operation Hours: 10:00 am to 09:00 pm (Open Daily)
Website: National Library Singapore


4. Wander Down and Selfie @ Haji Lane

Haji Lane what to do in Bugis Singapore

Image Credit: Pinterest

Hey there, here comes the picture-perfect place in Bugis Singapore: Haji Lane! In addition, it nestles in the Kampong Glam neighborhood, that’s an incredibly popular tourist area! Additionally, fans of old stuff can’t overlook this street, undoubtedly! With the great shape and timeless vibe of early shophouses, these are the things!

Haji Lane tour

Image Credit: LUXE City Guides

Besides, murals, street arts, and large graffiti take over the main building on Haji Lane mostly! In addition, wandering down and selfie on this colorful street is surely a must-do thing in Bugis! Additionally, some might get a professional photographer, that’s how you get beautiful HD pics!

Haji Lane vibe

Image Credit: Traveloka

Moreover, the artistic and color-rich backdrop seems perfect for Insta-worthy photos! Even better, awesome cafes and boutiques are a super treat for your sensory feast, too! So, if patrons love snapping pictures, they will fall in love with this lane bursting out of color!

Additional Information:
Address: Haji Lane, Kampong Glam, Singapore 189195.


5. Shop till You Drop @ Bugis Junction

Bugis Junction vibe

Image Credit: Bugis Junction

Still thinking of what to do at Bugis Singapore? Here comes Bugis Junction, a retail haven where patrons can unlock that “shop till you drop” badge! Moreover, this iconic Singapore mall sits in the heart of the city, which is super easy to spot!

what to do in Bugis Singapore Junction street view

Image Credit: Bugis Junction

Furthermore, Bugis Junction is the only air-conditioned mall, featuring sky-lit shopping streets! Try to imagine it, sunshine in the day while starlight during nightfall, that’s undoubtedly a fancy shopping experience! Moreover, historical shophouses line along, believe it or not, that’s where the old-and-new world story happens!

Bugis Junction food court

Image Credit: Bugis Junction

Moreover, patrons are anyhow here for lifestyle stuff purchasing! Whether your shopping checklist is about wellness, fashion, retail, or food & beverages, Bugis Junction is the one-stop destination! Therefore, start your shoppers’ adventure at Bugis today!

Additional Information:
Address: 200 Victoria St, Singapore 188021.
Operation Hours: 10:00 am to 10:00 pm (Open Daily)
Contact Number: +65 6557 6557
Website: Bugis Junction x Bugis+


6. Indulge in Local Treats @ Albert Centre

Albert Centre what to do in Bugis Singapore

Image Credit: Albert Centre

A stone throw’s away from Kwan Im Temple, Albert Centre is a local food paradise waiting for discovery! In addition, this must-visit food court features a diverse array of local fares, all are yummy-licious! Though there is no fancy environment, local ambiances with friendly people sound perfect for indulging in local treats!

Albert Centre fishball noodle

Image Credit: Albert Centre

Furthermore, foodies strongly recommend fish ball noodles, a top-ranking dish! Dry-tossed springy noodles have a perfect seasoning, slightly sour with vinegar undertones! In addition, the homemade fish balls are firm and chewy, making every bite worth a penny! Besides, Penang Hokkien Mee is worth discovering too, a flavorful food you won’t afford to skip!

Albert Centre food

Image Credit: Albert Centre

Additionally, there are more popular street foods available. Including Michelin-rated Indonesian treats, vegan-friendly fried bananas, and all-time favorite Rojak! Once again, all of them are low-cost meals, surely affordable, and won’t break the bank!

Additional Information:
Address: 270 Queen St, Singapore 180270.


7. Timeless Journey into the Photography World @ Vintage Camera Museum

Vintage Camera Museum photo

Image Credit: Vintage Camera Museum

Vintage never falling out of trend, especially a timeless journey into the photography world! Moreover, the building even features a camera design, that’s eventually cool, how could people overlook it? Besides, stepping in is like treasure hunting for old cameras, you name it, they have it!

Vintage Camera Museum vibe

Image Credit: Vintage Camera Museum

Furthermore, could you believe that there are about 1000 cameras on display? Ranging from the replica of the mammoth camera to the latest technology gadget, all in one spot! Moreover, there are some unique cameras which a fan of photography might also be hard to name a few! Including pigeon cameras, 3D cameras, spy cameras, and walking stick cameras!

Vintage Camera Museum what to do in Bugis Singapore

Image Credit: Vintage Camera Museum

Additionally, patrons can learn some interesting facts about camera evolution! Even better, the untold stories of cameras and photographs are waiting for listeners, that is way too cool! Hence, let the Vintage Camera Museum be on your radar upon exploring the Bugis area!

Additional Information:
Address: 8C Jln Kledek, Singapore 199263.
Operation Hours: 11:00 am to 07:00 pm (Open Daily)
Contact Number: +65 6291 2278
Website: Vintage cameras museum – Singapore


8. Visit the Majestic Landmark @ CHIJMES


Image Credit: CHIJMES

Patrons love to visit the majestic landmark: CHIJMES when strolling over Bugis Singapore! In addition, this gothic-style historical building is eye-catching right away. Certainly, look how beautiful the architecture is! In addition, white-washed color and European-themed turn it into an Insta-worthy spot!


Image Credit: CHIJMES

Besides, Chijimes Hall looks even prettier with Belgian stained glass! Next to it, the oldest building: Caldwell House looks cool and incredibly worth stopping by! For now, choose your favorite backdrop and get ready to pose your best!

CHIJMES what to do in Bugis Singapore

Image Credit: CHIJMES

Moreover, despite the laid-back and casual mood of daytime, CHIJMES comes alive when the sun goes down! In addition, here is where tourists spot a different side of Bugis. With cafes and bars, tourists are ready to sip on evening drinks while enjoying a piece of chilly live music!

Additional Information:
Address: 30 Victoria St, Singapore 187996.
Operation Hours: Open 24 Hours (Open Daily)
Contact Number: +65 6265 3600
Website: CHIJMES


9. Pray in a Serene Church @ Cathedral of the Good Shepherd

Cathedral of the Good Shepherd vibe

Image Credit: Cathedral of the Good Shepherd

The Cathedral of the Good Shepherd is one of the popular places in Bugis Singapore! In addition, this is the oldest Roman Catholic Church in Singapore, ever since 1847. Guess what, the complete renovation of flooring, color scheme, and everything takes $40 million, wow, that’s a lot!

Cathedral of the Good Shepherd what to do in Bugis Singapore

Image Credit: Cathedral of the Good Shepherd

Furthermore, the church is fully air-conditioned and super comfy for patrons to pray in a serene church. Not to mention, the wooden tone and white furnishing give off a super calming and peaceful atmosphere! In addition, kindly sign up for the church heritage tour, happening every first Saturday of the month!

Additional Information:
Address: A Queen St, Singapore 188533.
Operation Hours: 07:00 am to 12:00 am (Open Daily)
Contact Number: +65 6337 2036
Website: Cathedral of the Good Shepherd


10. Admire the Grand Mosque @ Sultan Mosque

Sultan Mosque vibe

Image Credit: Sultan Mosque

During your trip to Singapore, it’s hard to skip the beautiful golden domes and high spires of the Sultan Mosque! In addition, patrons are here to admire the grand mosque, which looks extremely gorgeous even from a distance! Besides, the prayer hall is huge, fitting about 5000 prayers!

Sultan Mosque what to do in Bugis Singapore

Image Credit: Sultan Mosque

Moreover, it looks seamlessly breathtaking inside the Bugis religious site. Additionally, always check your dress code and noise level upon entering! Besides, don’t mind exploring the nearby Arab Street. Guess what, hanging around the vibrant area could be one of the best things to do in Bugis!

Additional Information:
Address: 3 Muscat St, Singapore 198833.
Operation Hours: 09:00 am to 05:30 pm (Mon to Fri)
Operation Hours (Weekend): 09:00 am to 01:00 pm (Closed on Sundays)
Contact Number: +65 6293 4405
Website: Masjid Sultan Singapore


11. Hangout with Little Furry @ The Cat Cafe – Bugis

The Cat Cafe - SG

Image Credit: The Cat Cafe – Bugis

Hangout with little furry is always unbeatable at The Cat Cafe – Bugis! In addition, this gem pet cafe is seriously a treasure trove for cat lovers. Watching rescued cats lounging comfortably in the cafe brings joy, undoubtedly!

The Cat Cafe SG vibe

Image Credit: The Cat Cafe – Bugis

Moreover, never hesitate to give those little cuties a gentle pat. Additionally, don’t worry if it’s your first time with pets; there are tips about where to pat cats in the cafe! Besides, tuck in some drinks and snacks while spending an afternoon break with cats, visitors will find it memorable!

Additional Information:
Address: 241B Victoria St, Singapore 188030.
Operation Hours: 03:00 pm to 09:00 pm (Mon)/ 10:00 am to 09:00 pm (Tue to Fri)
Operation Hours (Weekend): 10:00 am to 10:00 pm (Sat to Sun)
Contact Number: +65 6338 6815
Website: The Cat Cafe


12. Sip and Cheer @ Bar Stories

Bar Stories vibe

Image Credit: Bar Stories

A trip to Bugis Singapore seems to wind down, so why don’t patrons enjoy a delightful time with friends? In addition, here comes the best place to sip and cheer, right at Bar Stories! Moreover, this chic bar is a world away from hustles, featuring longer opening hours on Fridays and Saturday nights! With cozy settings, intimate spaces, and warm lighting, the laid-back vibe is undoubtedly inviting!

Bar Stories food

Image Credit: Bar Stories

Furthermore, crafted drinks with bespoke cocktails are always recommendable! Even better, foodies can go for snack bites like Iberico Pork Bowl or octopus, they match perfectly with your drinks! In addition, don’t hesitate to reserve for the barstool area, it’s extra enjoyable!

Additional Information:
Address: 55-57A Haji Ln, Singapore 189248.
Operation Hours: 05:30 pm to 11:30 pm (Tue to Thu)/ 05:30 pm to 12:00 am (Fri)/ Closed on Mondays
Operation Hours (Weekend): 05:30 pm to 12:00 am (Sat)/ 05:30 pm to 11:30 pm (Sun)
Contact Number: +65 6298 0838
Website: Bar Stories SG



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